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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge?
    Since every show is custom designed around your event and entertainment goals, there's no way to directly answer this question without talking to you about your celebration first. We take many things into account when calculating your price quote, with the largest factors being these: The number of players on stage Total time including travel, set up and tear down - not just performance hours Travel and lodging expenses for each player Amount and type of equipment we need to bring
  • Are the pianos real?
    Nothing plays like a real grand piano...but they won't fit in the van! We travel with state of the art Dutchgrand piano shells imported from Holland that can give even intimate stages the authentic piano bar feel. We use Yamaha grand piano samples on Yamaha digital pianos for the most realistic sound possible.
  • How long does it take to set up and tear down?
    It varies based on the venue, but we typically like to be on site at least 2 hours before the guests. Any additional considerations like stairs, a second setup in another room, long distance from parking to performance area can make it run longer.
  • Can you bring everything up and down stairs?
    Yes we can, it's no problem at all. Please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can bring an extra hand if needed.
  • Are your pianists able to play instrumentally for a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour?
    Of course! It's common for us to have the dueling pianos show set up in one room for a wedding reception and have another setup for instrumental cocktail hour or your wedding ceremony in another room.
  • Can you setup in a smaller space?
    We can set up a two keyboard show including sound system in an 8' x 8' space, and a show with both piano shells in a 10' x 8' space without modifications. A minimum of 18' x 10' would be needed for shows with 2 pianos and drums. We can look at your venue and modify our setup to potentially work in even smaller spaces, but the measurements above are the ideal minimums.
  • Where should we position the show in the room?
    Our show is built around audience participation, and as such we want to be as close as possible to everyone in the room. In most venues we are best positioned in the center of the largest wall with the tables and/or chairs as close to the stage and each other as comfortably possible. In extra large venues, we can be in the center of the tables and play to both sides of the room.
  • How far do you travel?
    I've been everywhere, man! I hope you sang that in your best Johnny Cash voice. We'll go anywhere, quite literally. If it's not in driving distance, we can have a local company provide the heavy equipment and just fly in our players. We are also available for long or short term contracts anywhere in the world and on cruise ships.
  • Can you use the piano that's already here?
    We'll be glad to try to use your on site piano for solo shows. Dueling piano shows require the pianos to be alike in tone and in exact tune, so it's not advisable to use acoustic pianos even if there are two.
  • Do we need tax documents for your performers?
    Nope. We are a licensed S-Corporation in the state of Virginia. We can provide an invoice and payment receipt if you need it, or a W-9 for the company.
  • Will kids enjoy the show?
    Absolutely! Our show is appropriate and entertaining for guests of any age. Not only do we keep up with the current chart toppers, we're always surprised at just how many of the classic piano bar tunes the kids know.
  • How long does the show last?
    It's totally up to you! If we are the featured entertainment such as at a wedding reception or fundraiser, we recommend 1.5 - 2 hours. We've done bar shows over 5 hours and cocktail hours as short as 30 minutes.
  • Our event includes a meal. Does the show go over better before or after?
    We usually suggest starting the show after the meal. Since the show is built on audience participation, we find the best results happen when the guests are not hungry or still eating.
  • Will the guests be expected to tip?
    Most fundraisers and bar shows are built on the premise of bidding wars and tipping to get your song played the faster. For private events, however, we won't even mention it unless you specifically ask that we include it in the show. (Fundraiser events are billed a flat private event rate and the tip jar money is turned over to the client as part of the fundraising efforts!)
  • Can we use your sound equipment for another part of the event?
    Sure, just let us know ahead of time. We can use your device or ours for a background music playlist, and we're happy to provide a microphone for announcements or toasts or even emcee the event.
  • Can you emcee our event?
    For sure! We have players with hosting experience from cruise ships and private events. We will gladly do any introductions, host a silent auction for fundraisers, name that tune/music trivia, or anything else you'd like.
  • Can we rent your equipment?
    Yes! We offer all of our equipment for rent to add a touch of class to your event even if we aren't the featured act. We rent: -Dutchgrand piano shells (2) -Custom built 4 foot grand piano shell -Yamaha keyboards -Bose sound system with stage monitors -Accent lighting -Microphones, cables and accessories
Dueling pianos near me Virginia

We went to the piano bar on a whim and ended up staying 3 full hours! Adam was energetic, engaging and made everyone feel welcome.

Dueling pianos Roanoke VA

- Cruise Line Guest Review

Dueling pianos near me Roanoke VA

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